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Ninja Mummo the Game

Play Ninja Mummo the Game (aka Flappy Ninja) in your web browser for free.
The game works on computers as well as mobile devices.

The goal of the game is make ninja to jump as long as possible, through various dangers as well as obstacles. Collect coins to get an increased score. At the end of the game, it is possible to save the game score in the leaderboard.

Ninja Mummo the game (aka Flappy Ninja) is based on the logic of the famous and easy to play Flappy bird game.

Do you have ninja skills? Do you want to be the best of the ninjas? Can you beat the results of other ninja players? It only find out by playing!

Game is also know as: NinjaMummo, Ninja Granny, Flappy Ninja.

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Ninja Mummo the Game with many exciting levels to play

Ninja Mummo Game Stages

Ninja Mummo the Game has 6 chillingly exciting game levels full of dangers. Do you dare to step into the shoes of a ninja and clear all the levels? Only by playing you will find out are you a real ninja.

Note: Ninja Mummo the Game levels contain graphic content and scary moments and are not suitable for the youngest in the family.

Stage 1: Seppuku Forest | Ninja Mummo the Game

1. Seppuku Forest

According to legend, the spirits of the dead roam the Seppuku forest. Ninja Grandma's journey begins in this dark forest filled with the deadly sharp swords of deceased samurai. In order for the journey to continue, you must find your way out of this creepy forest.

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Stage 2: Meat Factory | Ninja Mummo the Game

2. Meat Factory

Ninja Grandma's journey continues to the infamous meat factory. This abandoned meat factory is located in the middle of a dark forest and is famous for its brutal and powerful equipment for cutting meat. However, the factory is not abandoned, but its machinery is controlled by the restless souls of the dead. Can you make it through the dangerous slicing machine to the exit?

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Stage 3: Dark Side | Ninja Mummo the Game

3. Dark Side

Ninja Grandma was possessed by evil spirits in the basement of the factory. The exorcism flew Ninja Granny at the speed of light to a ship in the middle of space, which is controlled by the magical power of the dark side. That force is trying to destroy our heroes with powerful laser beams. Put your trained ninja skills to work and try to figure out this steamy level.

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Stage 4: Chainsaw Tango | Ninja Mummo the Game

4. Chainsaw Tango

After surviving the dark side, Ninja Grandma faced a new challenge. In order for life not to be all dance and party, our heroes were pulled into the middle of the pole of the chainsaws. In this cruel shed, sharp chains ring and body parts come apart as if dancing. You have to go through this dance of death until the end and try to survive with all the body parts attached.

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Stage 5: Shuriken Sky | Ninja Mummo the Game

5. Shuriken Sky

The sun still doesn't shine in Ninja Grandma's adventures, but Shurike shooting stars fly out of the void. These super sharp air-slicing death grips slow Ninja Grandma down. Will they become our hero's fate or can the journey still continue? Play and find out if your ninja skills are enough to get through this challenge too.

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Stage 6: Evil not Dead | Ninja Mummo the Game

6. Evil not Dead

Our hero Ninja Mummo got to safety from the flying shooting stars in an old cabin in the middle of the forest. But the horror does not subside this time either. Just when Ninja Grandma thought she was safe, she discovers that the cabin is cursed. These terror-haunted cabin dwellers target Ninja Granny and attack with grief by throwing lumberjack axes at her.

Have you learned the ninjas' precise movements and split-second jumps? Now it's time for the real test and help Ninja Grandma through this lair of evil by dodging the deadly sharp axes.

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Stage 7: Icy hell | Ninja Mummo the Game

7. Icy hell

Winter is coming and the landscape gets an icy cover. Ninja Mummo´s journey continues in the north, in rugged landscapes, where deadly razor blades cut under the ice cover. In order to solve this icy hell, you must have the ultimate ninja skills!

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More levels to come | Ninja Mummo the Game

Is the story over?

Ninja Mummo´s story not end there. The adventures continue in the form of new levels!

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Ninja Wiki

A ninja or shinobi was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan. The functions of a ninja included espionage, deception, and surprise attacks. Their covert methods of waging irregular warfare were deemed dishonorable and beneath the honor of the samurai.Though shinobi proper, as specially trained spies and mercenaries, appeared in the 15th century during the Sengoku period, antecedents may have existed as early as the 12th century.

Ninja is the on´yomi (Early Middle Chinese–influenced) reading of the two kanji. In the native kun´yomi reading, it is pronounced shinobi, a shortened form of shinobi-no-mono. The word shinobi appears in the written record as far back as the late 8th century in poems in the Man´yōshū. The underlying connotation of shinobi means "to steal away; to hide" and—by extension—"to forbear", hence its association with stealth and invisibility. Mono means "a person". Historically, the word ninja was not in common use, and a variety of regional colloquialisms evolved to describe what would later be dubbed ninja.

Despite many popular folktales, historical accounts of the ninja are scarce. Historian Stephen Turnbull asserts that the ninja were mostly recruited from the lower class, and therefore little literary interest was taken in them. The social origin of the ninja is seen as the reason they agree to operate in secret, trading their service for money without honor and glory.


Game articles

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Ninja Mummo article | 09.01.2024

Ninjat ovat kovassa huudossa, kiitos populaarikulttuurin! |

Ninjat ovat kovassa huudossa, kiitos populaarikulttuurin!

Jokainen tietää miltä ninjat näyttävät ja mihin kaikkeen ne kykenevät. Voitaisiin melkeinpä lyödä vetoa siitä, että jokainen meistä on jossain kohtaa lapsuudessaan ninjaillut menemään ja leikkinyt oman elämänsä huppupäistä soturia. Varjoissa ääneti liikkuminen ja loistavat taistelutaidot ovat kaikkien tietoisuudessa. Mutta miksi juuri tämä entisaikainen soturityyppi on niin hyvin tunnettu?Historiankirjojen pänttäämisestä tunnettavuus ei varmasti johdu, vaan kunnia suuresta suosiota tulee ojentaa populaarikulttuurille. Ninjojen mystinen ja salamyhkäinen, jopa yliluonnollinen olemus, on tarjonnut viihdeteollisuudelle loistavat lähtökohdat tarinoiden rakentamiselle. Tietysti muutkin soturit, kuten samurait, ovat olleet historian saatossa suuressa suosiossa, mutta ninjojen ainutlaatuiset erikoisuudet ja poikkeukselliset taidot ovat herättäneet suurta kiinnostusta.Ja kuten viihdesektorilla on tapana, niin monesti asioita hieman väritetään ja joskus mennään jopa hieman överin puolelle. Seiniä ja kattoja pitkin juoksentelevat ninjat ovat tuttu näky sarjoista ja elokuvista, mutta tämä on toki tode ...Lue artikkeli kokonaan

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