Seppuku Forest

Stage 1

Game level 1: Seppuku Forest | Ninja Mummo the Game

According to legend, the spirits of the dead roam the Seppuku forest. Ninja Grandma's journey begins in this dark forest filled with the deadly sharp swords of deceased samurai. In order for the journey to continue, you must find your way out of this creepy forest.

Accept the Ninja Mummo challenge!

Put your ninja skills to the test and play your own game score among the best scores!

Can you beat Ninja Mummo the Game level 1 : Seppuku Forest?

Ninja Mummo the Game has 6 chillingly exciting game levels full of dangers. Do you dare to step into the shoes of a ninja and clear all the levels? Only by playing you will find out are you a real ninja.

Note: Ninja Mummo the Game levels contain graphic content and scary moments and are not suitable for the youngest in the family.

Ninja Mummo the Game also known as Flappy Ninja.